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  1. Thanks for the podcasts, I am an unconventional “witness” inrespects of: due to shunningof my partner, we had no visits, over a 5 yr period,my partner and I would go to the KH each memorial day, over that time frame… after the 4th year, Jean my partner, took me downto the beach, and depite her fear of water, carrieddd out afull water immersion baptism, in a tibutary leading to the sea… she had a head covering on, and spoke the questions etc, and I answered, before being immersed. lots more to this story, I would just like to say thanks, for the detailed education/insights. I empathise with you regarding your grandads fob watch, so sad, what a stupid organisation to instill such childish fears into people? Best Wishes. Beau!

    1. Wow Beau, that’s quite a story in itself. I’ve never heard of anyone baptizing like that in the JWs. I’m glad that the podcast has helped you in some way. And I agree, the fears that they instill are childish and just not nice.

      Take care Beau!

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